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On 2016, the first Surya Grahan or solar eclipse will take place on 8th to 9th March. On 9th March, 2016, it will be visible in India. Let us discover the essential dos and don’ts for every individual during solar eclipse or Surya Grahan.

What is called an Eclipse?

The Sun, Moon, and the Earth are arranged in a definite order while it comes to the arrangement of a solar or a lunar eclipse. The Moon blocks the sunlight in a solar eclipse, and thus, it is known as Surya Grahan or solar eclipse. The period of eclipse changes at the time of which the sun gets covered by the moon doesn’t let the sunlight reach the Earth. All living beings – animals, birds, humans and bees are affected by the solar eclipse.

Considering the unfavorable time amid Surya Grahan:

Surya Grahan or the length of time prior and then afterward the Grahan is considered exceptionally unfavorable and considered important by individuals, particularly in the Indian subcontinent. This is thought about and known as Sutak Kaal. Here is the way it works:

What is Sutak Kaal amid Surya Grahan?

The Sutak Kaal is when which no favorable work ought to be begun or did. The time beginning at 12 hours before the solar eclipse starts, the Sutak Kaal starts. This finishes when the individual after the ceremonies cleans up after the season of the eclipse’s salvation. The Puja temple at home ought to be cleaned also. At the point when Sutak starts, the holy mandirs are kept closed and no love or requests to God are completed.

Dos & Don’ts amid Solar Eclipse:

Subsequent to the begin time of the Solar overshadowing until its end, it is best to do enjoy droning of mantras, reflection, requests to God and hawan. Be that as it may, no idol worship ought to be finished. Once the Sutak Kaal is more than, one ought to bathe, wear new garments and clean the Puja idols with Ganga jal.

1. Don’t touch Shami or Tulsi Trees:

Shami and Tulsi trees need not to be touched. After the eclipse, these trees need to be sprinkled or bathed with Ganga jal for the purpose of cleaning all impurities.

2. Refrain from all functions:

Amid this time, refrain from eating any cooking, food, bathing/urination, resting or some other action.

3. Chant mantras:

Chanting a favored guru mantra or Gayathri mantra is essential. Deepak or diya lighting is also essential equally.

What You Need To Do After The End of Solar Eclipse:

Once the time of the Solar eclipse is over, individuals ought to bathe, wear clean garments. Paying tribute to precursors and doing charity is viewed as promising at this point.

On the off chance that there is a journey area close-by, the individual ought to visit the spot. He or she might take a dunk in the blessed waters there.

Essential works to be done:

Works to be done amid an Eclipse are as per the following:

1. Individuals living in the territories which are influenced by the Surya Grahan or where the Grahan is unmistakable ought to take after the principles according to order.
2. As a matter of first importance, as the time Eclipse time begins, clean up. At the middle of this period, go for doing contemplation and chanting mantras.
3. Towards the end of Eclipse, doing memorial and charity activities, is viewed as ideal.
4. Additionally, washing up after the salvation of Eclipse and giving grains, garments, and cash and so on after finishing of each of the three works, take a bath once more.

The Mantras you need to chant amid Solar Eclipse:

For the most part, amid the time of Eclipse any mantra chanting is useful. Then again otherwise Surya mantra and Gayathri mantra can be intoned of amid Solar Eclipse. The Maha mritunjay mantra, reliever of a wide range of issues can be great if intoned.

Surya Grahan – Essential Dos And Don’ts Explained – Astrology