Best Way To Get Rid Of Bees/wasps/yellow Jackets In Bushes – Topic

There’s no reason for them to live. I use the democrat system, just apply money. Except its my money, not yours. Can’t get DDT these days, its what my father used to use. Should have listened to him.

I got stung, long ago. I was weedeating a hillside and didn’t even notice they were attacking until their fun began. A buddy ran up, grabbed me, and pulled me away. I got put in “time out” and made to sit in the shade for a while with a watcher. When the pain got bad but it was obvious I might survive, the watcher asked me what I was thinking about. I very calmly just said “revenge”. The club had an old pole truck from the local Bell company. It had 2 gas tanks, one that worked and the other part full of water. So I got an empty barrel and put some of the gas in it. Then a jug or two of drained 90w from rear ends in the mix. Kind of a thick 2 stroke mix. Then I wandered over to the hillside where they lived and found their front door. And their back door, too. Whoever here said they have another entrance knew his shit. If you watch, you can see them using both. The watcher/buddy helped. He took a gallon or so of the mix too.

As it got dark, we started pouring. Glug, glug, glug. We retreated to let it soak in real good. Then we lit them up. Didn’t need to light both holes, the fire spread. It was kind of like the 4th of July. They came out under pressure. Some flying 15 or more feet in the air, on fire.

If anyone doesn’t know, fire can be your friend. The little devils kept being ejected, as they burned to death. Made my stings not hurt nearly as bad, seeing them die. I even got a nick name as the killer of bees. They weren’t bees, I think someone called them ground hornets. Didn’t matter to me, I just wanted revenge and them dead. These days, I prefer a preemptive strike. Same ammo, oil is your friend because it sticks to their evil little bodies and makes them die.

A while back Spot, my dalmatian, were walking we’d gone that way hundred of times. I saw one of the big paper hornets nests. Right by the path thru the park. It made me alter my route. Then a week or so later I saw an exterminator truck, dealing with them. It was enough fun to watch from a distance. They used a newish galvanized garbage can, putting fuel in the thing. maybe a couple of gallons. Then used a tree trimming pole to clip the branch that held next. Right over the can. Then they put the lid on the can and secured it with a bungee strap. From one side handle to the other, thought the top and down to the other side. I have no idea how they disposed of the contents. Maybe just let the bugs smell the fuel. A day or so should be good.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Bees/wasps/yellow Jackets In Bushes – Topic