How To Keep Bees Out Of An RV Motorhome Or Camper

It’s finally spring, the weather is warming up, and wildflowers are starting to bloom. While part-time RVers are beginning to kick off their camping season, it’s also the time of year when bees and wasps become more active.

These are some of the ways you can prevent them from buzzing around your campsite, or worse, nesting in places like your RV’s furnace vent.

Cover your RV’s exterior openings

The best way to keep bees and other insects from getting inside in the first place is by covering up all exterior openings where they could enter.

A furnace cover prevents bees, spiders, and other insects. Get yours on Amazon.

Mesh covers are available in stores and online for your RV furnace vent, fridge vent, water heater, and rear bumper. Installation can easily be done in ten minutes or less with the included tools.

Make sure your window screens are intact as well, so you can let in the breeze without all the bugs. Check out this article for a step-by-step guide on replacing the screens.

Spray WD-40 around your vents

Most people already have a can of this stuff lying around for its many other purposes. WD-40 is also effective in killing and preventing wasps around the home and RV. Spray some WD-40 around all of your RV’s vents to help keep wasps from nesting.

Inspect your gas appliances

Bees are attracted to the smell of propane, and your RV’s gas appliances can emit just enough of the odor to draw the bugs in. Regularly inspect all of the gas appliances in your RV, including the furnace, water heater, and fridge.

Remove nests ASAP

If you do spot a nest, search online to find a beekeeper in your area. Some beekeepers charge a fee, but others will remove the nest for free, especially since honey bees are going extinct. It’s less work to worry about, and you’ll save yourself from getting stung.

If you plan on taking care of the problem yourself, use a long stick to carefully remove the nest at night. Wear long-sleeved clothing with heavy fabric and secure the ankles of your pants with string or tape.

Avoid having sugary food/drinks outside

Bees love nectar for its sweetness, so it’s only natural they’re going to buzz around your picnic if you have sugary sodas, fruits like pineapple or watermelon, and other desserts sitting outside. Open beer and wine can also lure bees to your campsite.

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How To Keep Bees Out Of An RV Motorhome Or Camper