Knowing PNR Status By Mobile SMS – Travel

Travelling in India, the train tickets might be in waiting list. This is very common and to know the status of your reservation, one can use the PNR number mentioned in the left corner of every ticket. However, the PNR is Passengers Name Record and created in the database of a computer reservation system. The unique code explains your travel details.

While mobile gets popularized, everyone wants to get connected through mobile everywhere. When one wants to check the ongoing status of their reservation by using their allotted PNR number can use the mobile to get it quickly. However, texting to know the status is becoming a cheap and dependable medium. Because of considerable rise of SMS service, Indian railway is providing a convenience of Passengers Name Record enquiry by text messaging. PNR status SMS to mobile is the easiest method for the passengers.

Below given are the numbers that one can send text SMS in order to know the latest update about Passengers Name Record status:

1. By using 5676747, one can get the status as SMS. It can be done by typing PNR
2. PNR and send it to 139.
3. PNR and send it to 57886.
4. SMS PNR and send it to 54959
5. A new service called my PNR status makes the things even simpler. Passengers won’t have to send the Passengers Name Record number to the above mentioned numbers rather it would help when the holder once enter their number, it would pro-actively send SMS updates to user about any changes in their PNR status.
6. Users can register mobile numbers by going to the website or by sending SMS to to 09220092200.
7. Indian Railways have also another scheme to know PNR status called ‘SMS Gateway,’ which updates the passengers their status on the status of reserved ticket. This is developed by centre of Railway information System (CRIS), which is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Railways. The SMS gateway sends alerts to passengers to ticket in case of status change in the PRS tickets, as compared to the initial booking status such as WL to RAC, RAC to CNF, W/L to CNF.

Like phone call, texting is becoming one of the reliable sources to get the status. Many like texting instead of calling. The service is very simple use and saves a huge time. So, it is very much popularized among the common men. And a smart phone is not required to get the status of your PNR number.

Indians face lots of problem to get a confirmed ticket. If tickets are booked months before, it might be easier to get it confirmed. Rather most of the time it goes on waiting list. Going online every time to check the status is not easier for all, and to some, it may be costly and to some it is time consuming. So to get the update about your PNR status is much easier. It can be the most effective, efficient and economic method.

Knowing PNR Status By Mobile SMS – Travel