Descendants Of Early Quakers

This list of ancestors represents ancestors who have been used by previous applicants. The list may be used as an avenue in locating a qualifying ancestor. Each new application for membership must provide documentary proof of an applicant’s ancestor being a member of the Society of Friends based upon primary sources. Appearing on the list or in book without documentation in no way constitutes proof of a qualifying ancestor. The National Inquirer will review the status of the ancestor and determine if he or she continues to be a qualifying ancestor.


Adams, Mary PA

Adams, William VA

Akin, Benjamin NY

Allen, John PA

Allen, Ralph MA

Allen, Rose CT

Almy, William ENG/RI

Amos, Sr., William MD

Anthony, Joseph VA

Antram, John NJ

apThomas, John WALES

Arnold, Richard PA

Arnold, Richard ENG/PA

Ash, Joseph PA

Atkinson, Edith SC

Austin, Francis NJ

Ayres, Ann MD

Ayres Chew, Anne VA/MD


Babb, Peter PA

Bagley, Ann PA

Bailey, Benjamin VA

Baily, Joel PA

Baker, Henry Eng/PA

Baker, Joseph PA

Balderston, John Eng/PA

Balderston, Mordecai PA

Bales, Curtis NC/OH/IN

Ballard, Sr., William VA

Barker, William RI

Barnard, Benjamin MA/NC

Barrett, Arthur VA

Barrett, Mary MA

Barrett, Mary (Marie) Eng/MA

Barrington, Jane NY

Baskel, Hannah NC

Bates, Curtis NC

Bates, John VA

Beal, William PA

Beal, William VA

Beals, John PA/MD

Beard, Richard MA/NC

Beeson, Edward PA

Beeson, Edward Eng/PA

Beeson, Frances NC

Beeson, Henry VA/OH

Beeson, Richard PA

Beeson, Richard PA/NC

Benezet, John Stephen PA

Bennett, Richard VA

Benson, Isaac MA/RI

Benson, James SC/IN

Bentley, William OH

Berwich Crowder, Rebecca Eng

Betterton, Benjamin PA

Biles, William PA

Biles, William ENG/PA

Bigge/Biggs, John VA

Bogue, William Scot/NC

Boone, Benjamin Eng/PA

Boone, Deborah Howell PA

Boone, III, George PA

Boone, Sr., George PA

Boone, II, George PA

Boone, IV George PA

Boone, Jr., Samuel PA/KY/MD

Boone Sr., Samuel ENG/PA

Boone, Susanna, PA

Borden, Richard RI

Borton, Ezra OH

Boswell, Simon NC

Bowater, John PA

Bowne, Daniel NY

Bowne, John ENG/NY

Bowne, Lydia Holmes Eng/NY

Bowne, Thomas Eng/NY

Boyce, Eleanor Plover ENG

Boyce, Joseph MA

Brancom, Frances Willis Newton MD

Brattain, Robert Scot/IN

Brattain, Robert NC

Breed, Samuel MA

Bressie, Hugh VA

Bridle, Francis VA

Brigge/Briggs, John VA

Brinton, Ann Bagley Eng/PA

Brinton, William PA

Brinton, Sr. William PA

Brinton, William ENG/PA

Brooks, Samuel NC

Brown, Elizabeth NY

Brown, Rachel NJ/VA

Brown, Samuel NY

Brown, William PA/MD

Brown(e), I, Henry VA

Browne, John ENG/NY

Browne, Thomas MA

Brownell, Joseph RI

Bryan, Thomas NJ

Buckman, William PA

Budd, Rev. Thomas Eng/PA

Buffum, Robert MA

Bull, Gov. Henry RI

Bundy, William NC

Burgess, Penelope Johnson VA

Burk, James PA

Burk, James NC

Burr, Henry NJ

Burr, Henry ENG/NJ

Bushrod, Thomas VA

Butcher, Frances ENG/NJ

Bye, Thomas PA


Cadwalader, Jr., John OH/PA

Cadwallader, John Wales/PA

Cadwallader, Sr., John PA

Callison, James IRE/VA/TN

Cann, John PA

Carey, Samuel PA/OH

Carr, Gov. Caleb RI

Carr, Thomas NC

Carver, John PA

Carver, William PA

Cary, Samuel OH

Cassel, Mary Ger/PA

Chamberlain, Elizabeth Eng/PA/NJ

Chamberlain, Elizabeth ENG/NY

Chance, Samuel MD/IN

Chandler, Swithin DE

Chase, Benjamin RI

Chase, William MA

Chase III, William MA

Chew, Jeffrey NJ

Chicken I, John DE

Chicken II, John DE

Clark, Christopher VA

Clark, Francis VA

Clark(e), Henry PA

Clark, Sarah VA

Claypoole, James PA

Clayton, Leah NJ

Clayton, Mary Eng/PA

Clayton, William Eng/PA

Clayton, William PA

Clayton, Jr., Gov. Wm.

Descendants Of Early Quakers