Home-based Business Opportunity: Marketing Your Beeswax Candles

To be successful in marketing your beeswax candles as your home-based business niche, you need to bank on their benefits. It is not so much on how to sell, but what to sell.

Beeswax is a byproduct of honey sucked by a worker bee. It is used to construct a beehive where the Queen bee can have a peaceful respite, and for the storage of honey.

Its distinct qualities are its natural fragrance, clean burning, and slower burning rate. Since the beeswaxes are derived from honey, they naturally smell of its fragrance, with a combination of different flower scents from which the bees sucked their nectar.

Now, fragrant oils hardly copy the natural scent of honey. Whether you need to pour scented oils during its creation is your choice. But many candle enthusiasts favor honey fragrance.

Clean burning is very significant, that is if you and your clients are health conscious. Clean burning is an inherent feat of natural waxes like beeswax, bayberry, soy and palm.

Palm is rarely produced because it can destroy the ecosystems of some forest regions, where they are destroyed to make palm plantation. With clean burning of candles comes clean lungs.

The American Lung Association prescribe the use of candles from natural wax because they are absent of toxins such as mercury, benzene and lead, common in paraffin-based candles. When put off, these beeswax candles emit white soot.

Besides the health, the environment also benefits from white soot as it does not contain carbon dioxide, compound present in black soot emitted from paraffin candles. Carbon dioxide enhances global warming and its impact.

The third selling point of your home-based business niche is the slower rate of burning. One fact that you need to know about beeswax is its cost, expensive. This is because of the difficulty of acquiring the wax.

However, once created into a candle, your client forgets about its expensive price because it is actually economical. Beeswax burns slower than paraffin candles and soy candles. Just an inch of its diameter allows you to burn the candle for an hour.

The raw beeswaxes have three forms, depending on how you would like your candles to be created. There are pre-made beeswax sheets of 8″x16 dimensions, pellets, and solid blocks of 1 to 2 pounds.

Candles from beeswax can be versatile. It can be molded into towers, specialty shapes and pillars of varying sizes. Hand-dipped candles can be created in the same way as pilgrims made them hundreds of years earlier.

There are also container or jar candles that are previously melted. Rolled candles are accomplished from beeswax sheets and they do not require heating. Creativity is needed in making your home-based business product.

Now to sell them, you can approach other business owners that also sell natural products, whole foods, organic products and other environment-friendly products. Arts and craft shops, novelty stores and gift shops are also a good place to sell them.

Since beeswax candles are natural, they are best sold in cooperation with the organizations or associations that promote ‘green earth’ campaign. It is best to know who the candle enthusiasts are as there is no effort needed to educate them.

Home-based Business Opportunity: Marketing Your Beeswax Candles