Why Should One Know The Updated PNR Status Before Travelling?

People often fail to realise the tremendous potential of the PNR status and how it helps the travellers. PNR basically indicates Passenger Name Record. Just like its name indicates, it contains all the details about the ticket reservation status, travel itinerary, payment details, arrival and departure etc. It is really helpful for regular travellers to confirm whether their tickets have been confirmed or not. To get the latest details about your ticket status you can try out the rail PNR status system.

It is helpful for you to make alternative plans if you get the updates at least a day prior to your actual travel date. Before the advent of the digital era, it was indeed a herculean task to check the PNR status which deemed it imperative to be physically present at the railway station and bear the never ending queue. Digitalization has really helped you to check the PNR status online using the IRCTC PNR status without having to move out of the confines of your home or workplace.

There are numerous means to get the updates about your travel reservation status. Countless websites enable the users to get updates on their railway tickets almost instantly just with a couple of clicks. These websites are created bearing in mind the needs of the masses and hence have a simple and user friendly interface. Using them you can simply check the PNR status by only typing the PNR number in the specified area provided by the designers. After keying in the number you can submit the information to the server which then retrieves the current status of your ticket. These websites are a blessing for those who are hard pressed for time and help them to continue with their routine while getting the updates too.

In case you happen to be unable to connect to the internet, then you can still get the IRCTC PNR status by sending a text message to a specified number. Here too you have to send the 10 digit PNR number to a specific number and within a matter of seconds you receive an SMS containing the updated travel ticket reservation status. If you are unable to get unlimited and continuous access to the web, then the SMS option comes very handy. You however need to verify the charges which will be levied as the same differs from carrier to carrier.

Despite living in a technologically advanced age, there is a segment of people who neither are not conversant going online, nor do they have access to mobiles. For them the Indian railways have continued the conventional services by proving a dedicated toll free number which can be dialled through a fixed land. Being a free service, often the volume of users is so vast that it becomes tough to get through. Hence more and more people prefer to check the rail pnr status by going online.

Why Should One Know The Updated PNR Status Before Travelling?