Living Your Body Building Potential

As you progress by and by in the body building program, it is so easy to get complacent with challenges, to stop being too ambitious and to give those initial dreams up. The day-to-day life of a body builder gets boring sometimes, it gets tough even and there is a high chance that you will loose out on the crucial fuel that could have driven you to live your true potential. Again and again, it becomes the norm to attend a training session just for the sake of it, having lost even the targets we used to set for monthly durations or even biweekly.

Plateaus are far too common among body builders. You meet guys who gained mass and strength at a phenomenal rate during the initial stages of training and then all of a sudden, they stop progressing and become body builders only for the name. People who keep on training without additional gains to show for it, except the initial build up of the hey days. The problem is not that they are not interested in bulking up further, but the fact that they got bored with the enthusiasm, the meticulously and the strictness.

This is actually the most dangerous thing that can happen to a body builder. Accepting the status quo and training for the sake of it, not bothering with the initial goals any longer. Slipping into a plateau ruins all the chances you had of making it to the big league. The good thing about it is the fact that you can avoid this predicament and become the one guy who makes it to the top among the peers who left the race a long time ago. The truth is, from the very start, very few were meant to get to the top. Now that you are reading this, by itself, indicates that you are among the elite who belong to the top echelon.

So endeavor to live your potential. One way to do this is to be very cautious of getting used to things. Do not get used to the training, the diet or the lifestyle. See it anew every morning, face challenges with gusto, live the live of a body builder anew every single day. This can be done by ensuring that you never taker things forgranted. Never see the diet as a continuous thing or the workouts as perpetually there. Every meal you eat is a chance to bulk up, every workout is a potential to grow further.

The next thing is to ensure that your training intensity is progressive. Train progressively, after every gains bout, in muscle mass and in strength, add on the weight, add on the reps, add on the frequency, add on the sets, reduce the inter-set rest durations etc, just get more intensive when you feel that your body has grown into the present situation, never let the body to be comfortable, make sure that the muscle feel sore after every training.

Keep dreaming and pursuing those dreams with all you got. Sacrifice, earn the right, give as much as you want from the program. When you feel you have attained the dream, or you are very near it, dream again and be a little bit more ambitious. Let there be something you are chasing at all times. That way, you will get yourself on the doorstep if your grandest ambition, having lived true, your body building potential.

Living Your Body Building Potential