Basic Tips For How To Make Soy Candles At Home

Learning how to make candles at home is a great hobby to start. You can create lots of different candles like jar candles, tea lights, pillar, or beeswax or soy candles for example.

Many people are learning how to make soy candles at home, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

First of all, you’ll need to have all of your supplies ready and easy to get to in a safe environment away from pets and children. Next, decide on the kind or size of soy candle you want to make. If you’re just starting out, then begin with a small candle like a little votive for example.

For a nice votive soy candle, you’ll need about two ounces of soy wax for each votive. Make sure to measure as exactly as possible, so eight votive candles will require one pound of wax.

Now, you’re ready to begin melting the soy wax. For this step, you’ll need something to melt the wax in. A double boiler works well, but a wax melter speeds up the process and keeps your stove safe from wax spillage and a possible fire.

Adding color and scents to your soy wax makes your candle more desirable. Soy candle dye is available in all kinds of colors at craft stores and online. Stir your color into the melted wax. If you’re adding scents, put about one ounce scent for each pound of soy wax. Add fragrance when your soy wax reaches about one hundred seventy degrees to ensure the scent adheres to the wax well, stirring well for about two minutes or so.

Once your soy wax is melted and any color or scents are added, you’ll need to reduce the heat to one hundred fifty degrees and get your molds ready for pouring into by heating them a little. Now that your wax is cooled to the right temperature you’re ready to pour into your molds. Use a candle pouring pot or a pitcher with a pouring spout. Add your wicks when you see the wax start to harden somewhat. Put the wick in straight and to the bottom of the candle mold making sure it’s in the middle of the mold.

Now that you’ve made your soy candle, let the wax set for about five or six hours for it to be ready to trim the wick to your desired length.

There are many other candle making tips that you should be aware of before starting to make candles at home. You can locate these helpful tips online and books at craft stores or at your local library.

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Basic Tips For How To Make Soy Candles At Home